Q: Do you provide catering services?
A: No, Bennington Museum does not cater, but we will provide a list of approved vendors after your contract is signed.

Q: Can I choose any caterer I like?
A: Yes, but the caterer must come for a walk-through first. Any caterer providing services at your event must provide Bennington Museum with a certificate of insurance indemnifying Bennington Museum, a valid liquor serving license (if applicable), and proof of a workers’ compensation policy no less than 30 days prior to the event. In addition to preparing and serving the catered meal, the caterer is also responsible for setting of the tables prior to the event, bussing the tables during the event, clearing of the tables once the guests have left, and cleaning any dishes or glasses used that are the Museum’s property as well as the kitchen.

Q: I only want to use some of your serving ware and want to rent the rest. Is that OK?
A: Sorry, but either you must use all of our dishes and utensils or you must rent all of them. The risk of mixing things up is too great.

Q: If I am renting items, when can I schedule deliveries?
A: The rental companies should contact your point person at the Museum directly to find a convenient time for the delivery in advance of your event.

Q: Is there a space for a tent?
A: Yes, the upper meadow can accommodate a tent, however you will need to also provide a generator if you would like to have power. We will provide you with a list of possible vendors after you have signed your contract.

Q: How creative can I be with my decorations?
A: The use of candles or balloons in the Museum is strictly prohibited, and you may not tack, staple, or tape anything to the walls, ceilings or any other fixtures of the Museum without permission or assistance from the Facility Coordinator.  Also, please leave your live trees and potted plants at home! At the conclusion of the event, the renting party or their designated representative is responsible for dismantling and removing all event related equipment and decorations brought into the Museum.

Q: Can I throw rice as part of my wedding?
A: No rice, confetti or similar materials may be thrown inside or outside building, but bubbles and sparklers outside are a nice touch that have been used by many guests.

Q:What time do I have to leave the venue?
A: For large gatherings we would like the spaces to be completely cleared by midnight.

Q: Is smoking allowed in the courtyard?
A: Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on Museum property.

Q: Is the Museum handicap accessible?
A: Yes, the Museum is wheelchair accessible, with ramps, an elevator, and handicap spots by the front entry as well as near the upper meadow.

Q: Where can I park?
A: Parking is free at the Museum, but if the Museum is open during your event things may get crowded.  Depending on the size of your event we may recommend hiring traffic assistance for entry and exits. Overflow parking is available a short walk down the hill.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi?
A: The Museum is fully wired.

Q: How do I provide a Certificate of Insurance?
A:  Your insurance company should be able to take care of that for you.