Putnam Block

The distinctive curved corner façade of the Hotel Putnam has anchored the downtown commercial district since its construction in 1870. Henry W. Putnam was Bennington’s wealthiest post-Civil War industrialist and also funded the construction of the Bennington Opera House, which stood behind you from 1892-1959 (see panel across street to learn more). The main intersection in Bennington has historically been referred to as Putnam Square in his honor. This image depicts the Hotel Putnam as it looked with a wraparound second-story veranda and street-level portico, which was added in 1875 and replaced by small steel balconies in 1931. The Hotel Putnam and neighboring buildings have recently undergone a comprehensive renovation, so they can continue to anchor Bennington’s vibrant downtown for generations to come.

Hotel Putnam, 1927

Hand-colored postcard, Published by E. T. Griswold, photographer unknown

Bennington Museum Collection, Gift of Gift of Charles E. Marchant