Project Description

Bennington Battle Day parade float, dated on back August 14, 1960
Silver Gelatin Print, 8 x 10 inches
J. Alexander Bow, Photographer
Collection of Bennington Museum

Fields of Change: 1960s Vermont

June 29 through November 3

Bennington Museum’s major exhibition for 2019,  Fields of Change: 1960s Vermont  examines the tumultuous decade that brought about so much change in the nation as a whole and which helped define the Vermont of today.

Several factors brought change to Vermont in the 1960s. A new interstate highway system made it easier to get here. The land was relatively inexpensive and rural, but close to major hubs such as Boston and New York. For artists, writers, musicians, and “back to the landers,” it became a haven.

While maintaining its traditional roots, Vermont also became a hotbed of counter-cultural communal living. This apparent dichotomy is epitomized in Vermont’s state politics which, during the 1960s, shifted from a 100+ Republican reign and has since alternated between Republican and Democratic politicians. The Vermont of today – at once traditional and progressive – grew out of the 1960s.