Project Description

Musical tall case clock, ca. 1810
Movement by Nichols Goddard (1773-1823)
Rutland, Vermont
Mahogany and white pine with mahogany veneer and light and dark wood inlays
Museum Purchase

The Festival – Time for the Holidays!

November 24 through December 30

Each year the Bennington Museum’s Festival draws its inspiration from one of the objects in the Museum’s outstanding collection, and this year is no exception. For 2017, the annual festival of the season celebrates the creativity of a wide range of regional artists as they respond to Nichols Goddard’s Musical Tall Case Clock, ca. 1810, one of the centerpieces of the Museum’s newest exhibition, Early Vermont. Few American clocks of the early nineteenth century are more sophisticated, mechanically complex, or beautiful than this one. A set of ten bells and hammers play seven tunes. The movement features a day of the month wheel and moon dial with a depiction of a burning ship. All this lends itself to wonderful interpretations such as collage art, paintings, woodwork, textiles, sculpture, and more.

Surprises will delight visitors in the galleries, as well as those who join us at the Gala on December 1 and on Family Day on December 9. The exhibition is open November 24 through December 29. The original artwork created by the regional artists is available to own through a closed-bid auction taking place November 24 through December 28, 4pm. Stop in early and often at no charge to bid on that special gift while supporting the museum’s largest annual fundraiser.

Work created by the artists for the closed-bid auction will be added to this page as it becomes available.  Take a look and then stop in the museum to place your bid or write  You can also fax your bid to 802-442-8305.  These will be considered legal and binding bids.  Bids by phone are not allowed.  All bids will be opened by two people and date stamped.  The person with the highest bid will be declared the winner and be contacted by January 4, 2018 for payment and to arrange a pick-up time.  In the event of a tie, the bid placed first will be the winner.  To avoid a tie, we urge you to bid an odd amount such as $586.54 rather than $500.  The proceeds from the bids will be split with 50% going to the artist and 50% going to support the Education Programs at Bennington Museum.

November 24 through December 29 The Festival EXHIBITION

The Festival – Time for the Holidays! is supported by:



Deidre Scherer
Deidre Scherer
Woven Knowing, 2017
Torn paper construction, silk tissue, acrylic, 16 x 19 inches,
framed 23 x 25 inches
Opening bid: $4,000
Anima Katz
Anima Katz
And the Clock Keeps Ticking, 2017
Oil on canvas board, 16” x 20”
Opening bid: $1,500
Alisa Dworsky
Alisa Dworsky
Bennington 15, 30, 45, 60, 2017
Graphite on Paper, four drawings each 7.5” x 7.5, approximately 23” x 23” framed and hung as a group.
Opening bid: $850.
Paul Katz
Paul Katz
Oil on panel, 24 inches diameter
Starting bid: $1,500
Deidre Scherer
Deidre Scherer
Thread on layered fabric, 9 x 8 inches, framed, 18 x 16 inches
Opening bid: $2,500
Laura Christensen
Laura Christensen
Constance Chronoskiewicz, Master of the Meanwhile, 2017
Acrylic paint, vintage photograph, velvet, maple wood
Opening bid: $1000
B. Lynch
B. Lynch
All Over Again, 2017
Mixed media including wood, paint, paper and wire.
Opening bid: $5,000.00
(This is for the object and a copy of the video file—the video player is NFS)
Niki Haynes
Niki Haynes
There Will Be Time, 2017
Mixed media collage, 18”x15”x2.5,” framed
Opening bid: $420