Too Much Fun, 2017
Mixed media on cotton
68 x 78 inches

Boundless: Dusty Boynton

August 21 – December 31

Dusty Boynton’s paintings and works on paper have the spontaneous immediacy and seeming naiveté of childlike work and are often described in these terms. While they carry within the seriousness of child’s play, they are most certainly not childish.  As Robert Ayer’s has noted in ARTNEWS, “Dusty Boynton’s art isn’t as easy and casual as it appears. Her characters−human, animal, and hybrid−are childlike and scrawled, often staring out from the picture surface. To invest these figures, as Boynton does, with individual personalities and emotional weight, as well as with the ability to relate psychologically to one another, is a real artistic feat.”  She approaches each new picture intuitively, as an improvisation, letting her memories and creativity flow, with no preconceived idea of what she wants it to look like or even the particular story she wants to tell.  Boynton’s deep experience of a long and rich life, filled with joy and sorrow, humor and gravity, and above all, love, pours into her paintings.