Project Description

Paul Feeley (1910-1966)
Untitled (Green Eye), 1962
Oil-based enamel on canvas, 48 x 60 inches
Private Collection

Color Fields: 1960s Bennington Modernism

June 29 through December 30

During the 1960s, Bennington College served as a rural epicenter for a group of artists who were pushing the possibilities of abstraction in pared-down, color-based works that have come to be known collectively as Color Field. This exhibition will look at this critical moment when artists connected to Bennington led the way in American art, and will expand our understanding of the variety of formal, material, and conceptual approaches that artists took to Color Field painting and related color-based sculpture. Seen in conjunction with Fields of Change: 1960s Vermont, the exhibition will situate these artists and their work in the context of the dramatic cultural and social changes that came to define Vermont during this period, especially the Counterculture and Back-to-the-Land movements, with their emphasis on radical experimentation and close relationship to Vermont’s storied landscape. Artists on view include Pat Adams, Anthony Caro, Paul Feeley, Helen Frankenthaler, Ruth Ann Fredenthal, Patricia Johanson, Vincent Longo, Kenneth Noland, and Jules Olitski.

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