Alcohol in Vermont- Creation to Consumption – Tolerance to Temperance

March 28 through June 21

This exhibit will examine the significant role of alcohol in Vermont history. Taverns were once the center of community life and alcohol was consumed in quantities unimaginable today. Reformers in the 1800s fought the evils of addiction and drunkenness and politicians intensely debated the regulation of alcohol in some of the most notorious elections in state history. Even after the repeal of national prohibition, many Vermont communities used Local Option laws to limit the use of alcohol. It wasn’t until the craft beer movement in the 1990s that Vermonters again celebrated alcoholic beverages.

There will be two events that accompany this exhibit:

April 10 – Jazz and Spirits

Complementing the spring exhibition Alcohol in Vermont: Creation to Consumption, Tolerance to Temperance, is a wonderful event highlighting the spirits of Vermont and the region.  Held in the Paresky Wing of the Bennington Museum, you are invited to sip your way through a variety of craft spirits from distillers throughout the Green Mountain State and beyond.  Sample local flavors and discuss with the creators the fermentation and distillation process that makes their spirit unique.

May 15 – Blues and Brews

An exciting event to engage guests in the art of craft brewing is being held in conjunction with Alcohol in Vermont: Creation to Consumption, Tolerance to Temperance exhibition. Speak with the producers of some of the best craft brews in the region.  Taste their newest and best brews and learn how they got started in brewing their line of beers, ales, porters and more.  Related merchandise will be available to purchase.