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What We Could Build: Architecture as Technology

A Bennington Historical Society Presentation

Bennington has a wealth of beautiful buildings, constructed over more than 250 years in many architectural styles. Why did the styles change? Why did they look like that?

What difference did the materials, the tools, and the power sources make in what we built?

Using Bennington’s architecture as examples, Jane Radocchia will explore what was built between the 1760’s and the 1920’s, looking at how new technology offered new choices which allowed us to build in new styles.

About the Presenter:

Jane Radocchia is an architect specializing in old houses, and an architectural historian. Through her work on houses built before 1710 and after 2000, she has learned how we built, and then as our needs changed, how we updated our buildings using new materials and new technology.

This program will be presented live via Zoom.


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