Bill Botzow, Cube

Two of my sculptures reside along the Jennings Brook Trail. Cube is the older of the two and until recently was sited in the museum’s forecourt. The material comes from dead maple saplings that were gathered from a woodland reverting to forest from agricultural land. Stronger, taller maples had outcompeted neighbors causing many saplings to die back. The cube form suggests stability, endurance, and repose even as the environment evolves.

Bill Botzow lives in Pownal, Vermont. He was born in NYC in 1945 and grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. He graduated from Princeton University in 1968, moved to NYC and worked in the N.Y. Urban League Street Academy Program for two years. He relocated to rural West Virginia in the seventies, then lived in Vermont, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, and Colorado until he moved in 1982 to Pownal, VT with his wife Ruth. He has exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. In recent years his work has engaged directly with the natural environment. Ongoing projects often use material gathered in efforts to improve the health of his small post agricultural woodland. Examples are trees destroyed by severe weather events and invasive species gathered in combatting forest infestations.  His aim is an art form that enhances and values natural processes and places.

Botzow regularly posts images of his sculpture on Instagram @billbotzow.