Visitor Information

Parking is available in our on-site parking lot. In inclement weather, passengers may be discharged at the door. Reserved wheelchair accessible parking is designated closest to the entrance. Parking is free. Adequate space for motorhomes and other oversized vehicles is located along the wood line toward the rear of the lot.

Bennington Museum welcomes all visitors and affirms its commitment to making the collections and programs accessible to everyone. Wheelchairs, walkers, rubber tipped canes, children’s strollers, and service animals are permitted throughout the museum. A wheelchair is available for use free of charge on a first-come basis. Verbal description gallery tours are available with advanced request. Read more about some of the ways the museum makes its facility accommodating.

We invite you to photograph and video the exhibitions on view, and welcome your sharing them on your favorite social media site. Please tag us. There is however, no photography allowed in the Grandma Moses Gallery. Flash photography, lights, and tripods are not permitted in any of the galleries. Professional photography is not permitted without prior arrangement with Bennington Museum’s Marketing Director.

Cell Phone Use (Guide by cell graphic)
Please take phone calls outside the galleries. The museum, with the assistance of schools and colleges, has created a rich and varied menu of cell phone audio tours and lectures for visitors to enjoy. The audio guides are available through your cell phone by calling 408-794-2842.  Labels with a graphic of a cell phone indicate that more information is available.

Look, but don’t touch…except…
While we encourage you to engage with our exhibitions, please avoid touching any artwork or objects. Museum objects are fragile and natural oils on your skin could damage the surface. Climbing on or touching the outdoor sculptures is not permitted. The Grandma Moses Schoolhouse is a hands-on learning center and we invite visitors of all ages to play with old toys, dress in period clothing, play a board game, or pretend to shop in the country store.

Sketching and copying
Visitors may use graphite pencils, sketch pads, and notebooks in the galleries. Please stay at least three feet from a work while sketching or writing.

Coat Room
Umbrellas are not permitted in the galleries. They may be stored in the Coat Room just off the main entrance. Outerwear may be worn in the galleries, but you may be more comfortable if it is left in the coat room. You may find the galleries cool, even in the summer months, and wish to bring along a sweater or light jacket.

Please do not bring backpacks or bags/purses over 12” into the museum. Please note that all items brought into the museum are subject to search. Backpacks, carriers, and purses worn on the back may not be worn in the galleries.

Food and Drinks
Food and drinks (including water bottles) are not permitted in the galleries except for persons who need to carry water for medical reasons.

Smoking is not permitted on the museum property including the pavilion, Hadwen Woods and George Aiken Wildflower Trail.

Pets are not allowed inside the museum. Please do not leave a pet unattended in your car or tied outside the museum building. Service animals are permitted.

Lost and found
Report a lost or found item at the Visitors’ Services Desk or to the security guard on duty.