Teru Simon, Chrysalis Waiting To Be Born

Ceramic with base: 70 X 26 X 24 inches

I am a ceramic sculptor, a painter and print maker (water color, ceramic paint and oil), ceramist/potter. Although my ceramic pottery work is mostly Cone 10 reduction, salt and wood fire, I have worked with most ceramic techniques, Raku, terra sigillata, pit fire, low fire, burnishing, etc. My inspiration and sources for my art work come directly for the world around me. I am a “humanist” sculptor fascinated by people, their individual spirit, their specific gesture and the human metaphor. The pieces are built hollow specifically to express the spirit of the soul and the fragility of our existence. My ceramic/pottery are influenced by the Asian aesthetic, and although most of my work is utilitarian, I consider each piece singly, usually with a unique mark or markings. My paintings and print making are also concerned with that which is temporal and changing; a specific time or place, the weather, movement of clouds, traces of the wind.