Museum Rules

Help Bennington Museum take care of the objects in its collection by following these rules:

  • Walk, and move your body carefully.
  • Use a quiet “indoor” or “library level” voice.
  • Only touch things you have been given permission to touch.
  • If you have candy or gum in your mouth, put it in the trash before you enter the museum or its galleries.
  • Be good listeners.  Raise your hand to ask or answer a question.
  • Food and drink are only allowed in the Pavilion and lunch room (Education Center).
  • Non-flash photography is allowed, but not in the Grandma Moses Gallery or in the Textile Gallery.
  • Students must be accompanied by chaperones at all times.  If no chaperone is available to go into a restroom with students (for example, there are no adult males with the group) students are allowed into the restroom no more than 3 at a time.
  • Chaperones should model good behavior for students by staying with the group and refraining from conversation during the programs.
  • School groups are welcome in the Museum Store.  Chaperones are required to supervise students in the Store.