Dear Friends,

Communities across the world are responding to the Coronavirus outbreak and mandated stay at home orders with posters of hope. Shared at a distance, these homemade signs offer uplifting messages to neighbors and passers-by and remind us that we are not alone even as we continue to self-isolate.

Now Bennington Museum is inviting residents in the tri-state area to use some of their pent-up energies to get creative too!

Get Creative

We want to adorn our gates with words of encouragement from and for our community, and we need your help! With whatever materials you have on hand, let us know what gives you strength right now, what are you looking forward to when this is over, what words of wisdom your grandmother might have shared… the possibilities are endless, but keep it positive!

And Then Share

Bring your signs to our gates and prop them up. Every day, Tom, our stalwart keeper of the palace (AKA Buildings & Grounds), will hang what you have dropped off. Take pictures, share with your friends on social media and don’t forget to tag @benningtonmuseum. This is an important moment in history, and you can help us catalog it.

We hope that by the end of this month our gates will become a wall of positive energy that will help see us through to the other side.

Until then, stay strong, stay healthy, and stay creative!

-The Bennington Museum Team