Patrick Todd, Trail Marker. 6-2022

Paper Mache, Wood, Steel, Outdoor Paint, Polyethylene. 8’x15’x6’. LxWxH

Artist Statement:
Sculpture is the most violent form of creation. It is born from thought in the same way other forms are, however, it’s ‘real’ nature has certain requirements that must be attended to. From cutting to fastening, the 3 dimensional sculpture exists and co-habitates with our senses, and hopefully finds harmony with the natural world, even while it tickles the viewer into a dialogue of deconstructive understandings. What is this thing? How is it made? Why these colors? Does it mean anything? Questions that are ultimately private and personal, resound and reverberate in a viewers internal processing. If I do my job right, and I tune the work properly, it will continue to unravel its mysteries even after one has left the sculpture’s presence.

Artist Bio:
Patrick Todd is a Brooklyn based artist working in painting, sculpture, sound, photography, and film. Having travelled around the country in his youth, Patrick has found the chaotic energy of New York City to be perfectly aligned with his multiplicity of interests and intentions. He graduated from Long Island University, CW Post in ‘97 with an MFA in Multi Disciplinary Art, and from Cal State Fullerton with a BFA in Fine Art in ‘90.

Insta @Patrick_Todd_Studio