Pat Musick, Eagle Feather Chimes

I began as a painter and transitioned to wall sculpture, then free standing works. Over the years, I have retained my interest in two dimensions by making works on paper, while my art has moved from expressionistic to abstract to conceptual and has undergone a steady reduction to simpler elements and media.

My art is concerned with the fragile nature of the environment and the human/nature relationship responsible for its survival. There has been much growth.

Musick was born in Los Angeles in 1926. She attended the University of Southern California on an art scholarship and received an MA and PhD from Cornell University. She taught at the University level for twenty-five years, lectured across the United States and appeared in many television interviews. Her work is in over fifty museums and public spaces in the United States. She has written four books on art, one of which was co-authored by her husband, Jerry Carr, a retired astronaut and now her collaborator for many years. A film documentary of their lives, The Artist and the Astronaut, should be released later this year. Musick’s archives are housed in the Cornell University Kroch Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts.

Indiana Nash of the Daily Gazette in Schenectady, NY recently spoke with artist Pat Musick. Read it here.