Lee Williams, Irradiation #2

Irradiation #2 is a site specific response to a particular area on the trails at Bennington Museum. The title can be interpreted as not only as the way an object is exposed to radiation and light but also as the process of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

By site specific I see the piece as an intervention. Creating a work that fully integrates with the immediate natural surroundings becomes an integral part of that specific environment rather than something that is exterior to it. The process of working on site has been a complex one, which has required adjustment and re working, an intense negotiation with nature. In some respects I see the making of this work as a series of events which leave a trace of human activity. The work aims to engage the viewer with the idea of a fluid event in nature, as there is no means of stopping nature to look at it. Like nature the work possesses a temporal character, a transience.

I see this work as a process that can continue, develop, be recycled, as a continued response to nature as a process. Although I have worked with processed materials it is the response of a human being that gives the work the tension between natural world and certain kind of otherness.

I am originally from a mining community in Wales, UK. I studied Fine Art at colleges in Cardiff, Birmingham and London, UK. I also received an Italian government scholarship and spent a year at the Academi da Bella Arte, Tuscany after completing my MFA. I am currently a teaching artist at Vermont Arts Exchange and continue to develop my own work at my studio in Shaftsbury, Vermont.

I have exhibited for over 30 years mainly in the UK and have also exhibited work in Italy, France, Australia and Ireland. I have also produced site specific installations in a variety of non- gallery venues, for which I have received public funding. I have also taught at several colleges in the UK and have led many community based arts projects and events.