Michael Tillyer, Alice and Pretzel, 2019-2020

Carved & painted pine, with bits of metal. approx: 36 x 36 x 48 inches

Artist Statement:
I am uncomfortable with the title artist. It sounds so European or smart-assed New Yorky. I prefer “creative worker”—it is artwork after all. A recent self-realization is that I am not even a sculptor really, I am more of a 3-D cartoonist. Cartooning is the finest form of art— Honoré Daumier comes to mind. I think art objects should do more than just sit there to sell themselves. Inspiring a smile is a hit for me.

Artist Bio:
M. Tillyer is a graduate of the long-defunct Windham College in Putney, VT, where he studied with Chuck Ginnever, Peter Forakis, and David Rohn. He is the founding director of the Anchor House of Artists, the New England Visionary Artists Museum in Northampton, MA, which opened in 1997, launching the museum wing in 2017. He operates a studio in Conway, MA, where he lives with his wife Susan.