Max Yawney, Bright Spinning Forest Geometric

Acrylic on Vinyl with steel pipe and wood. 118 x 96 x 96 inches

Artist Statement:
 The viewer looking at these paintings stands witness to a situation and as the notion of difference and distinction between the paintings, when considered, yields potential for the introduction of the universal or poetic into our lived experiences.    This project, as does all of the work I produce, stems from the fervent belief that the differences we experience in life are the electric and the possible.  Be those differences in people, cultures, states of mind, phenomena ( color ,scale), context or just – the toaster and the counter top.

Artist Bio:
Max’s formative years were in Burlington, Vermont. He studied at Rochester Institute of Technology ( BFA photography) and moved to New Mexico , living there for 5 years before attending Long Island University ( MFA Painting), and settling in Brooklyn , NY. Max has a studio in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn as well as a Barn / residence studio in Covington Township, PA. He continues to exhibit installations ( 2 distinctly different images/objects comprising one work) of Paintings, Photographs and Sculptural works at galleries, museums and public spaces.

IG: @maxyawney100