Lee Williams, Creeper 2022

wood, thread. 8ft by 4ft by 4ft

Artist Statement:
This piece has been made onsite at he Museum, I am intersested in site/ environment, process and materials. The work engages with the environment and the space surrounding the work is as important as the work its self. the title refers to the vines that creep around the trees and I am exploring the idea of one sculptural form relying on another for support.

Artist Bio:
Originally from the industrial coal mining area of South Wales, UK. Lee now lives in South Shaftsbury, Vermont with his wife, Kim, three dogs and two cats. Lee studied at Cardiff School of Art, Wales, UK: Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, UK: Goldsmith University, London, UK and University of South Wales, Wales, UK; Lee has a Masters degree in Fine Art and has a post graduate teaching diploma. Lee received scholarships to live, work and exhibit in Tuscany, Italy, France, Scotland and Ireland. Lee has been teaching Art and Design at University level for the past 18 years. A consistent aim of his work has been to encourage people to engage with their environment and the natural world. Lee has exhibited his work internationally and has undertaken public, corporate and private commissions, many on a large scale. He has produced work in a variety of media; including drawings, prints, painting and sculpture.