Joe Chirchirillo, Twenty Twenty, 2020 and Crooked Crow, 2018

Pigmented ferrocement and Steel and found metal objects,

Over the course of my career I have been concerned with creating work that is drawn from elements found in nature, architecture, and the mechanical world. I am interested in finding architectural order emerging from nature and translating that into sculpture. My goal is to build pieces that are expressive, interesting and also have structural integrity and will withstand the elements. I’m having a conversation with the sculpture as I build them. There is a degree of uncertainty and spontaneity in this approach which keeps the work fresh for me. I am very process oriented and the pieces grow and evolve as I continue to work on them.


Joe Chirchirillo has been creating sculpture since the early 1970’s. After attending college he moved to the New York Metro area and settled in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was part of the first wave of artists moving to this outpost across the Hudson, building the budding art scene there. Chirchirillo’s work has been reviewed in Art Forum, Art in America, Vanity Fair and on numerous occasions in the New York Times. He also received a NEA fellowship in 1986. He relocated to Vermont sixteen years ago. Since then he has mainly focused on outdoor sculpture. Besides participating in many exhibits and curating the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show for the last 9 years. He was invited to participate in the Kaohsiung iron and steel festival in 2017, where he created a permanent 17’ tall kinetic sculpture. He has also received many commissions and is in numerous private collections in North America and Asia.