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Sunday, September 22, 2:00 pm
Free and Open to the Public

Great Music by Natural History, a dynamic trio who embodies the improvisational essence of the 1960s.

NATURAL HISTORY is a one of a kind ensemble. With a world of sound at their fingertips, this trio of eclectic multi-instrumentalists has been breaking sound barriers since 1973, weaving rhythms, instruments, and styles from every corner of the globe, and every period of human evolution, into an intricate and spontaneous musical tapestry. Jared Shapiro, Derrik Jordan, and Barry Hyman were all students of legendary percussionist Milford Graves in the 1970s, where they learned the therapeutic power of improvisational music. They are able to mix the inspiration of the moment with their decades of experience playing music from all over the world to create a totally new blend of world fusion, a “musical melting pot.” Featuring electric violin, kalimba, cello, ngoni, pedal steel guitar, alto recorder, banjo, percussion, surbahar, balophone, gourd trumpet, voice, and more, NATURAL HISTORY is remarkable in that the musicians improvise vocally and instrumentally at the same time, creating the illusion of more than three performers. Their music is wild, unpredictable, playful, fearless and always resplendent with humor and joy.

It is appropriate that these three pioneers of world fusion are part of the Bennington Museum’s Fields of Change: 1960s Vermont exhibit because they embody the improvisational essence of the 1960s in Vermont, and they have been using harmony to spread peace and love ever since.

Held in the Ada Paresky Education Center and Paul Paresky Court of the Bennington Museum, this concert is free and open to the public thanks to the support of Alison Nowak and Robert Cane. Reservations are not required for this performance, and it is accessible to those with disabilities.