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Introduction to Gilled Mushrooms

Learning the gilled mushrooms is where the real challenge begins. Known as agarics, this group of fungi are diverse ecologically, chemically, and morphologically. The deadliest mushrooms are agarics and so are some of the best edible fungi. Join local mycologist, Sue Van Hook, to learn a framework for tackling gilled mushroom identification. She will share the dos and don’ts and introduce you to the fine features that allow you to make a start on learning genera of mushrooms.

About the Presenter

Sue Van Hook graduated from Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. with a BA and MA in biology and mycology.  She worked in land conservation for The Nature Conservancy and Maine Coast Heritage Trust for ten years while raising a family and returned to academia to teach labs in biology and environmental science at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY for 18 years. She became the Chief Mycologist for a green tech start up, Ecovative Design, in 2007 and helped put fungal mycelium on the global map for growing earth compatible replacements for plastic foams, leather, furniture, wood, and more.  Sue has lived in nearby Cambridge, NY for 30 years and has taught foraging for fungi to hundreds of people via weekend field trips with area non-profits.

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