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The Shaftsbury Quilt

A Bennington Historical Society Presentation

Carol Corey-Dziubek will share the remarkable signature quilt that has been in her family since 1888. Since her own retirement, Carol has been researching the quilt, documenting the genealogy and family histories of the 96 people whose names appear on it. In this presentation, Carol will discuss various types of quilts, the construction of this particular quilt, and delve into the stories of a couple of the individuals named on it. She will also touch upon the political climate in Vermont in 1888 – there is one Democrat signature on the quilt, amidst a sea of Republicans. There will be time for close examination of the quilt as well.

About the Presenter:

Carol Corey-Dziubek inherited the Shaftsbury signature quilt when she was in high school. She was raised in Shaftsbury and graduated from Mount Anthony Union High School in 1969. She earned her teaching degree from Castleton State College, which is also where she met her husband, Staley Dziubek. She taught in West Rutland for 33 years. Researching the quilt has been a labor of love as she reveals the stories of each of the individuals named on it. Carol now lives 50 miles from Shaftsbury, but always carries a piece of her hometown in her heart.

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