David Skora, Criss Cross

Welded polychromed fabricated steel 86″Hx 22″W x 25″L

Criss Cross is a fabricated welded steel sculpture with a red and yellow patina applied to the metal. All of the sculptural pieces I make are in the Modernist tradition of 3-dimensional form making. My interest is in creating sculptures that suggest motion or the illusion of elements frozen in space and are in the process of movement. I like how the elements in the sculpture interact with the surrounding environment and I like how a new image of the piece is revealed as the viewer moves around the sculpture. My aspiration is that my work will be a source of contemplation as well as a source of inspiration to those who view this piece.

Skora grew up in a small resort town in South Western Michigan. The beauty of Lake Michigan and the ever-shifting aspects of its shoreline influenced his childhood; after graduating from Western Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design, he moved to Chicago and worked as a Graphic Designer. Skora was also very active as a Painter and was regularly showing his work in galleries throughout the Mid-west. In the mid-1980’s he accepted a position as a Graphic Designer on the east coast and moved to Connecticut. By the late 1980s Skora moved to New York City and attended graduate school at the School of Visual Arts. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1989. Skora moved back to Connecticut in 1990 and has called Connecticut home ever since. He has always had an affinity for sculpture and in the late 1990’s started to experiment with sculpture and has been creating sculptural pieces ever since. Currently, Skora lives with his family in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut where he paints, sculpts, and designs. When not working in his studio, he is a full-time Professor of Graphic Design at Western Connecticut State University. Skora’s artwork has been shown extensively and can be found in many public and private collections throughout the United States.