Walloomsack Review Articles

Digging Deeper into the History and Culture of the Region

The Walloomsack Review is a publication of the Bennington Museum. It is produced semi-annually and presents riveting, in-depth articles for those who enjoy learning more about the history of the region. It is named after the Walloomsac River and its tributaries are an important geographic feature that unites much of the region of southwestern Vermont. You can view a selection of articles online. For author guidelines and submission deadlines contact editor@benningtonmuseum.org. The Walloomsack Review is generously underwritten by Robert and Cora May Howe.

Below you will find our archive of Articles from the Walloomsack Review, which have been saved as PDFs and organized by Volume. Click on a Volume to see its contents. In each Volume directory, you will find PDFs of individual Articles. Click on an Article PDF to view it in your preferred PDF reader. To return to the list of Volumes, either use the Back button in your browser, or click the word Walloomsack at the top left of the table.

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