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Bennington pottery manufacturers made some of the greatest stoneware produced in 19th-century America. Vermont again became a center for ceramics with the studio craft revival and the founding of Bennington Potters by David Gil in 1949. Bennington Museum houses the largest collection of 19th-century Vermont pottery, as well more recent pieces by Karen Karnes and Brother Thomas, among others.

Jar, 1775-1825
Attributed to Peter Clark (1743-1826)
Crock, 1850-1859
J. Norton & Co.
Monument, 1851-1853
United States Pottery Company (Bennington, Vt.)
Satyr Vase, 1964
David Gil (1922-2002) and Leonard Baskin (1922-2000)
Trigger Mug
Bennington Potters
Standing Stag, 1852
United States Pottery Company (Bennington, Vt.)
“Niagara Falls” or “Cascade” glazed pitcher, 1854
United States Pottery Company (Bennington, Vt.)
Hound Handled Pitcher, 1853-1858
United States Pottery Company (Bennington, Vt.)
Lidded Vessel, ca. 1989
Karen Karnes (b.1925)
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