Folk & Outsider Art

Bennington Museum has an extensive collection of historic folk art from the 18th and 19th centuries. A recent collecting focus has been to acquire work by modern and contemporary self-taught or outsider artists which gives context to the folk art collection. Examples of folk art can also be found in other sections including Grandma Moses, Vermont History, Vermont Furniture, Pottery, and Fashion and Textiles.

Click on the Vimeo video for a discussion hosted by the Outsider Art Fair on 2/1/2021 between Museum curator, Jamie Franklin, and Gregg Blasdel, Ray Materson, and Kathy Stark, who have all played a role in the collection’s development.

Sun Set Over Our Old Big House, 1988
Gayleen Aiken (1934–2005)
Colored pencil, crayon, ballpoint pen ink, and graphite on paper
The Currier House with the Two Lamp Posts, 1991
Jessica Park (b. 1958)
Acrylic on paper
Ready for Battle, 1954
Pasquale “Patsy” Santo (1898-1975)
Oil on canvas
Memory Ware Tower
Stephen C. Warren (1824-1905)
Found objects (including glass, shells, buttons, jewelry, and two tintype photographs)
embedded in putty with paint and metal on wood
Jedidiah Dewey Gravestone, 1778
Frederick Manning (1756-1806)
Carved Fencepost, ca. 1875
Russell Risley (1842-1927)
Nancy Caldwell Church Robinson, 1818-1820
Ammi Phillips (1788-1865)
Oil on canvas
Luman Preston Norton, ca. 1840
Erastus Salisury Field (1805-1900)
Oil on canvas
General David Robinson, 1818-1820
Ammi Phillips (1788-1865)
Oil on Canvas
Olive Bashaba Weatherhead Family Record
David Auger
Watercolor and ink on paper
Sandra H. Asleep, 1987-1999
Paul Humphrey (1931-1999)
Photocopies altered with white-out tape, ash and other unknown media, recopied and colored with pencil and marker
Sampler, 1835
Caroline S. Love (1824-1898)