Charlet Davenport, Don’t Go Near the Water, 2022

Four 2-part glazed ceramic components attached to lattice fencing

Artist Statement:
Over recent years I have often included the human body in my work. Most recently work in ceramic and print mediums featuring masks, heads, torsos − even hands and feet. This has not been as “light-hearted” as I intend in this current installation (Don’t go Near the Water). A habit of life drawing has always been part of my art. Recently the subject of women’s bodies has drawn me to more serious themes. My installation at the entrance path to the brook is a cheerful concept. I thought about it walking alongside the wild flowers and on the special paths of the Bennington Museum, when I submitted a more difficult political and feminist installation to this space in 2021. I found just the right spot for a work titled with a line from a nursery rhyme. The only somewhat serious message within this work is the connection involves the discovery of seeing important artists images on such items a dog dishes to t shirts, caps and pillows, offered en masse on commercial sites on the internet.

Artist Bio:
Charlet Davenport has been exhibiting art in Vermont since 1964. Gallery 2 in Woodstock was the first contemporary gallery founded in Vermont by director( and her mentor) Allison Lieberman. Davenport was represented by Gallery 2 for three decades. During that time her paintings were also seen in Central St Gallery in Winter Park FL, which was founded by Hugh McKean a mentor from earlier time at Rollins college where she earned a BA in art and political science. Her work expanded over the years into other mediums and non gallery spaces. After earning a degree of Master of Liberal Arts at Dartmouth . Costume design, land installations, teaching in community college level led to widening the scope of art ( over the last ten years also ceramic art) ,regional reviewer for Art New England and interviewing artists for regional TV led her to become involved in many aspects of art in Vermont. Currently she is co- director with Peter Davenport of Sculpture Fest on the land they live on in Woodstock Vt.