Cecilia Judge, Uncertain Remnants

Plexiglass divider, yarn, resin, cinder blocks, insulation spray, spray paint

Inspired by world-building exemplified in written and film-based Science Fiction works, I create sculptures that appear to be from the universe next door; while there are signals that are recognizable, the compositions and the juxtaposition of materials are unusual enough to imply that the viewer is witnessing something completely foreign. I have been fascinated by the ways materials record time and the possibility of another nature evolving in its own, but similar, way. Referenced directly, though artificially, in this work is petrification, as one would see with a bug in amber. Anaerobic decomposition, which occurs naturally and forms fossil fuels, is indirectly referenced. The preservation aspect of encasement versus the transformative nature of exposure that inspired the forms in this work will be explored through the extended period of outdoor display. Utilizing modern alchemy, I’ve artificially petrified crocheted pieces. These shapes reference Sacred Geometry, as the theoretical base pattern for all naturally occurring but imperfect patterns. Unique shapes are also interpreted from other forms such as leaves and double helixes. The effect of using vivid, fibrous material to create these forms is to remove the origin from the nature we know to represent an unfamiliar system. Crochet, as a form that builds on itself, emphasizes the organic organization while implying an unfamiliar organism’s structure. This juxtaposition of materials serves as a celebration of our evolved tools and processes that we use to survive while recognizing nature’s evolution as the original inspiration in all of our adaptive advancement.

Cecilia Judge was born in New York in 1994. Ceci attained a Bachelors in Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston in 2017, with a creative focus on Book-Making, Printmaking, and Digital Art. Ceci academically took an interest in Psychology and Art Therapy, taking Psychology courses, Art Education, and English courses that concentrated on trauma and its impact on the brain and memory. These themes informed Ceci’s work at that time, and when they returned to New York to participate in the Social Practice Program at Queens College, Ceci became more interested in the outer variables that inform any individuals’ psychology. Ceci began creating work that critiques the mechanics of capitalism; where one might say that capitalism manufactures desire, they focused on that desire as the desire for comfort that is inherently never-ending. Working through a Science-Fiction lens, these sculptures became bait from extra-dimensional or divine beings; works that are alluring at first but represent a danger of being caught. The idea of capturing time through natural, photosensitive, and alchemic processes has fascinated Ceci ever since. Cecilia graduated from Queens College with a Master’s in Fine Arts in 2020 and continues to create pieces that build this extradimensional and mystical world. They have worked on projects as fabrication and design assistants for production companies and have been a teaching artist since 2019. They teach art fundamentals to various age groups using various mediums to explore each individuals’ natural creativity.