Brian Johnston, There is No Planet B, 2022

Found materials and an old wooden limb

Artist Statement:
The piece is made up of found pieces attached to an old limb. Three small tableaux highlight what we are destroying. An egg in a nest suggests that a rebirth is possible, but action is needed now.

Artist Bio:
Brian Johnston graduated from Bennington College in 1973. He has spent the last 40 years as a fine woodworker in New York City and the Hudson Valley. His work has appeared in ‘Interiors’ and ‘Architectural Digest’. Several years ago, he turned his love and understanding of wood away from furniture to sculpture. Johnston was born in Ireland and raised with the primal belief that there is a spirituality to the forest, and that there is an otherworld inhabited by the unseen. It is the integration of craftsmanship and these primal beliefs that inform his sculpture.