Brian Johnston, Lament

Brian Johnston has been a fine woodworker for nearly 40 years with studios in NYC and in the Hudson Valley. His work has appeared in Interiors and Architectural Digest. Recently, he has turned his love and understanding of wood from furniture to sculpture. His respect for the traditions of craftsmanship now reflect a different reference, the forest itself.

Born in Ireland, he was raised with the belief that there is a spirituality to the forest, and that there is an ‘otherworld’ inhabited by the unseen, and that there’s a sensibility and otherworldly intelligence to the deep woods quiet. His early knowledge of Ireland included Druids who worshiped in sacred oak groves and that humans were molded by the ancient gods from trees. It is the integration of these two beliefs that inform his sculpture.

Through craftsmanship and a sense of the mystic, he wishes to suggest this ancient kinship of forest and humans. His piece, called Lament, provides the visual stimulus to help you, as an observer, to tap into that deep, ancestral past and in so doing, rethink your relationship with trees of all species and, in extension, the forest and the greater environment beyond.