Bill Botzow, Two Waffles

Bittersweet vines, (Round Waffle — 55” d. x 10”) (Square Waffle 50” x 50” x 10”)

Artist Statement:
I am interested in creating work that improves places while exploring sculptural forms. In this case I used bittersweet vines offered by a friend and neighbor of the museum. Bittersweet is listed as an invasive species as it can outcompete other plants. My friend had released mature trees on her property from the bittersweet vines so the trees could grow into their crowns—an effective long term carbon storage strategy. The two “Waffles” are equal in volume by size. They are situated on either side of the path between the museum and the cemetery leaning against maple trees.

Artist Bio:
Bill Botzow lives in Pownal, Vermont. He was born in NYC in 1945 and grew up in Mt. Kisco, NY. He graduated from Princeton University in 1968, moved to NYC and worked in the N.Y. Urban League Street Academy Program for two years. He relocated to rural West Virginia in the seventies, then lived in Vermont, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, and Colorado before moving in 1982 to Pownal, VT with his wife Ruth. He has exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally.