Anna Raddocchia, Reinvention, 2021/22

angle iron, rebar wire, galvanized fencing wire, used band saw blades

Artist Statement:
This piece was originally created for the 2021 North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture show. At the time of installation for the 2021 show, I wasn’t satisfied. The vision in my head eluded me, never coming into fruition as I translated sketch to sculpture. The overall work was lacking in finished form despite my best efforts to see the concept through to the end. I knew I could do better. When artists are asked about their process you often hear about techniques and materials. Not so often do you hear about the struggle, the failed attempts or the push to finish working ideas anyway, vain efforts to follow through. Learn something about your materials and salvage the process.

After vacating my head for the winter, I came back around to this study of lines and circles. If I can erase pencil from paper I can unwrap wire. Start again. I looked at the Circle and Line Study number … some billion and one, challenged myself and stepped up to the plate. I can reuse this. In rebuilding for 2022 I only used what was a part of the original 2021 piece. The bones of the original concept were good, I knew I could find greatness in them. As I dismantled, 2021 brightened up and began to take on new life. It showed me which way to turn and began to build itself up again. I stepped back and took it all in.

Artist Bio:
Angelina (Anna) Radocchia is a 2004 graduate from the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts with a BFA in fine arts. Abstraction is a blanket theme in Anna’s work spanning the mediums she works; painting, photography, mixed media and sculpture. Her love of nature and the outdoors can be found throughout her work.

A life long horseman, Anna has built a niche offering custom portrait work. She uses hand cut stencils for the foundation while her use of color emphasizes motion and creates lines in the environment her subjects are based in. Text can be found throughout in a play on words, tying disciplines titles from the equine world and connecting title to subject matter.

Since 2015 Anna has sketched, painted and sculpted over 600 variations of circles in her pursuit to push her study of line, color and composition. By 2019 squares, stripes, and hash marks became another recurring theme in her non equine work, tools in her handbag of creative process without expectation. 2019 marked her first year participating in the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show and her return to 3 dimensional work. In 2021 the Waubeeka Golf Links in Williamstown, MA commissioned a circle sculpture permanently residing at hole 13.

The latest addition to themes to be repeated; cutting snowflakes which started as holiday greeting cards. The mark of the artist and no two flakes being alike offers endless possibilities just as her work with shape and line. Her latest snowflake commissioned curtain included over 65 flakes of various sizes from ¼ to 6 inches in diameter, laminated and hung with beading wire.