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Press Releases

Spring Issue of the Walloomsack Review Now Available

Bennington Museum is publishing two issues of the Walloomsack Review this season. On the cover of Volume 23 is an image of the “Black youth” who led captured Hessians after the Battle of Bennington. This image sets the stage for the articles in this issue which include topics pertaining to the history of African-Americans in Vermont and how Vermonters engaged with the civil rights movement. The second publication, is a special edition that contains articles written by current students at Bennington College. Both address interesting and timely topics.

April 18th, 2019|Press Releases|

Diseased Pines Come Down

The George Aiken Wildflower Trail is an engaging garden covering six acres of Bennington Museum’s 10-acre property. While the wildflowers of the area continue to thrive, the Eastern White Pines have been almost universally infected by red rot (Fomes pini), a fungus that penetrates the heart of the trunk, severely weakening it. After more than a decade of study, in June 2018 the Museum’s Executive Committee voted reluctantly to remove the pine forest, and begin implementing plans for a new landscape designed by Reed Hilderbrand, one of the foremost firms of landscape architects in the nation.

April 18th, 2019|Press Releases|